We want you

We are always on the lookout for talented teachers who are passionate about giving engaging lessons and are not afraid of using video in the (Zoom*) classroom in order to capture students‘ imagination and interest so they want to get involved. Headway and English File addicts need not apply!

* We do some, but few, face-to-face classes too.

We have developed a database of videos and lesson plans which will be at your disposal and training will be given but you will always need to adapt and tweak the lessons to suit your students and the development of your own material is encouraged.

You can see from the copy on our website what we are talking about but some of the other key points on how we are different, are:

We only deal with classes for adults – no children or, heaven forbid, teenagers

The focus is on speaking and listening/watching with as few grammar and gap-fill exercises in the classroom as possible

Having enjoyable classes is fundamental to maintain interest and, therefore, attendance.

Watch and Talk Method would like to work with teaching professionals who:

have at least three years‘ experience

have a CELTA (or equivalent) certificate

have at least a „reasonable“ level of Spanish

are autonomo (a must)

Apart from the paperwork side of things, it’s also important to have professionals who believe in our common philosophy, that is:


„Making things interesting and dynamic is the key to success in language learning”


„Business English for communication & Marketing“


  • Face-to-face (unusually for us) in Mataró 
  • Location here


„Business English for communication & Marketing“

(Incorporating Watch and Talk Method classes i.e. based around videos)


  • Late September 2023 (until December and then, if it goes well, from January to June 2024)
  • Tuesday mornings 
  • 9 / 9.30 to 10/ 10.30 TBC


  • B1 / B2 – a bit of a mix of 7 students

Pay Rate:

  • €27 per hour – autónomos only 

If you are interested in joining our team and feel you fit the bill, send me your CV/résumé and we can have a chat to see if we both feel it’s a good fit.

P.s. as mentioned above, you must be autonomo.