Practise your English with our free interactive videos and book an ‘on-demand’ session to strengthen your speaking skills

Are you someone who wants to:


improve your listening skills so you can have better conversations with people from around the world regardless of where they are from or what accent they have?


boost your vocabulary so you can be “the best version of you” in a second language?


maintain your fluency to not lose the years of time, effort and money invested in your language skills?


If so, we have got 🫵 covered!

We are creating interactive videos for anyone who wants to improve their English skills in an engaging and enjoyable way instead of the classic (boring!) fill-in-the-gaps way. The videos are free and there’s no need to “sign up” unless you want to.

Think of us as your language coaches. We set you listening objectives in order to help you focus on the most important information and, importantly, to filter out the rest. We also bring your attention to key vocabulary which you can learn more about with just a click.

Of course, there is also the option to book a session with one of our experienced trainers to practise your speaking skills, too.

#wherethemagichappens 😉

You are in control –  in just a few clicks, you choose the video, trainer and time that you want.

Join the community to:


 – Be the first to hear about new videos

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 – Receive discounts for coaching sessions

We already have a teachers’ database with almost 200 videos for our in-company classes but, at the moment, there are just a handful of interactive videos available. However, we’ll be converting many of them into interactive videos for you in 2024 so watch this space!

Do you want to check out the Teachers’ database to get an idea of what’s coming soon? Click here.

Remember, if this is a new thing for you, be patient and consistent. It takes time to develop your listening skills and deepen your vocabulary.


Now let’s go!  Engage. Enjoy. Learn.



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